Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Simple Use What I Have Veggie Sandwich

So I whipped out whatever I had in the fridge to make myself a delicious veggie sandwich.

2 slices of wheat bread
1/2 roma tomato cut into four slices
cheese - whatever mix I had in the fridge
arugula - cuz I have it leftover from my steak sandwiches
peppercinnis - who doesn't have some in their fridge for sandwiches?!
grey poupon - do you happen to have any grey poupon??

After toasting the wheat bread, I put one side with cheese and the tomatoes into the microwave for 30 seconds (to melt the cheese), then added the arugula, peppercinies and put grey poupon on the other slice of bread.


Lunch in less than 5 minutes and man was it good!

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