Monday, August 31, 2009

Do You Believe In Make-Up?

Growing up, I never got to play dress up with make-up. 1) My mom didn't own any make-up besides lipstick and 2) My mom refused to buy me any play make-up to mess around with.

As a result, I grew up not understanding how to use make-up. I did, however, understand the art of skin care and at 16, began getting facials and understand the basics of washing, applying toner and moisturizer + SPF 15 or more.

At 16, I also learned how to create a double eye-lid fold on myself with scotch tape. You got it! 3M scotch tape! Unfortunately.. whenever I blinked - people would remind me, "There's something on your eye Daisy!" ... darn. Lucky for me.. a few months later.. the fold on my right eye became permanent! So the tape paid off!

When I was 18 ... some family friends from Taiwan visited. The kids from the family laughed at me when they learned I was using tape that I personally cut myself for the eyelids. They laughed because apparently.. in Taiwan.... land of many more Asian gals than my own hometown area which was 50% Asian, manufactured eye tape was available over the counter! This was news to me!

In college, I joined the ballroom dance company and as part of our competition image... we were required to sport big false eyelashes, lots of sparkly make-up, an upright, anal and tight bun, glitter, swarvoski crystals and even pro-tan our bodies if we were too white (I was exempt from the latter). Along with learning how to meticulously place eyelashes atop my eyes, I discovered that eyelash glue could take the place of eye tape and give me the fold I so desired.

The hard part about using eyelash glue was the application of it. It often came out chunky because it was a squeeze bottle and sometimes.. a few times... many times actually, the glue gunk got into my eye when I was squeezed too hard!

Apparently, I was not the only Asian girl taping her lids. And... one sunny afternoon, I discovered Eye Glue!!! Eye Glue comes with a brush and a funky applicator thing that lets you crease the fold. And then, my world was complete.

I tried to show friends what I was talking about by using and came across the ultimate blog This girl is amazing! She goes through step by step how to do make-up and even has giveaways. The only thing I'd argue is too much foundation and powder as the base - but besides that - really really neat! Check it out!

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