About Me

I rarely go to the beach (I hate getting dark), but if I do.. I've got this hat on!

This blog started as a self-help attempt when I was in yet another body image crisis.  It has since transformed into my own world of blogging advice for working out, losing weight and prego weight, DIY stuff, and recipes for my friends and myself.
yup.. crazy indeed

I'm no expert, but I have religiously read fitness magazines - at a minimum, about one per month from about age 20 to 28.  That's a lot of information (they start to repeat stuff after a year but trends are always fun to read about, as are new work outs) and I have had two personal trainers (one from 24 Hour Fitness and one from Equinox Fitness) teach me how to eat right and work out correctly, so based on all that.. I have come to learn a lot. I never went to the gym until after college, and my first couple of years in a gym consisted of walking for about 10 minutes.  Since then, I have been through stints of running for the endorphin high with 5Ks and 10Ks to finding a regiment I am fond of (I really hate running, I just know it's the easiest way to lose weight and easiest way to get out with a baby)  - calisthentics (love the Dailey Method, Bar Method, Pure Barre, etc.) and healthy eating (portion control, eating lots of small meals throughout the day and balance).

I used to love doing 5Ks - the adrenaline rush was awesome!

Throughout my 20's, I have also tried many weight loss programs and gimmicks (Alli pills, Isagenix body cleanse, insane protein shakes as dinner, etc.), have yo-yo dieted, been borderline bulimic, binged, been anorexic at times, and finally.... after almost ten years... have come to a healthy place (yes, it took quite a while).  That doesn't mean I still don't have body image issues - my husband and best friend will be the first to tell you I do.  I just am always looking to self-improve... and I really  loathe the pregnant flab that is on my body (back at pre-prego weight but with lots of excess muffin top!) and I hate when my pants feel too tight.  But I'm pretty sure I am not alone.  Well, that's enough about me... welcome to my skinny blogsophere - hope you enjoy and come back often.  If not, oh well - I'll still be here!

creepy right?