Saturday, April 25, 2009

Give Back and Get Fit!

Being skinny is not just about looking skinny. I mean.. yeah, ok from a literal perspective it indeed is..but challenge your brain to think beyond that and think of it as a metaphor. What can you do to rid yourself of the daily toxins that pollute your environment and thereby, flaunt a skinny self free of pollutants that are genuinely bad people, negative energy, selfishness, insincerity (otherwise know as fake peeps), and inconsideration?

First, recognize these people and understand that they cannot add to your life. Next, free yourselves of such people and seek thos who are sincere, who are kind-hearted, generous, thoughtful and helpful.

It's kind of like that commercial where kindness is shown to be contagious. It really is. Which brings me to my next point.. doing good things for the world, those who surround you and yourself (since the latter two are both part of that world...duh).

This doesn't mean you have to organize a beach clean-up every weekend, attend Habitat for Humanity of be a big brother or sister, although those are wonderful options of getting involved and giving back to the community! But start little and let it become habitual and part of your life.

So... for example, I hate running but I do it as part of my exercise routine anyway. I do about 4-5 charitable runs a year and I don't always raise a lot of money (people do grow tired of my constant requests for donating), but even my participation raises awareness and that is one small step for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's and whatever other cause I run for. So I give back and get fit. Yay!

If your joints are old or you just detest running.. you can still give back and get fit in other ways! You can volunteer to help beautify a school (LA Works is the place to contact if you like doing this), a local Eagle Scout with his final project, or those in need means a lot of squatting, toning, stretching and twisting while you heavy lift, paint, and garden.

Learn it. Love it. Live it.

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