Monday, October 4, 2010

Egg White Breakfast Burrito

It's more expensive to buy egg whites in a carton... but trying to take out your egg whites from a normal egg usually means less egg whites than you wanted so I normally use 3 egg whites to get about 2 eggs.

2-3 egg whites
Pepper and salt for flavor
1 cup of cooked spinach
4-5 Cherry Tomatoes
1 cup of black beans
sprinkle of cheddar and jack cheese
1 wheat tortilla
Flavor with Tapatio or Tabasco and Ketchup

Cook egg whites, cook spinach, cook cherry tomatoes (cut in halves), and heat black beans

In another pan, place tortilla with cheese, once it's half melted, put the other cooked stuff on and wrap into a burrito of healthy yum.

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