Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oatmeal Goes a Long Way

Oatmeal is the best item to eat if you're going to do a workout in the morning. It fills you up, keeps you energized and gets you going until after the workout. For a good post workout, eat a banana or an orange.

I am a huge fan of brown sugar and craisins or raisins with my oatmeal but for something more fantastically awesome and creative, try some maple syrup (not too much!) and bananas with a sprinkle of brown sugar. Or, as my Mom used to do, she'd put some oatmeal into soup - YUM - especially if you want a saltier breakfast. Lastly, we'd often steam eggs and put in a little bit of oatmeal and milk, also another staple favorite when I'm craving a salty breakfast.

Oatmeal! It goes a LONG way!

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