Sunday, February 8, 2009

It Can Bloat You...

but you still need it! H2O is imperative to your body being at its best. Not only does it supplement all that fiber you will take in daily (see earlier post), but it will keep you satiated and occupied and you won't feel as hungry if you're constantly drinking water. Water does flush away vitamins so don't drink it sooo excessively that you pee out everything healthy in you! There's no technical guidance on how much water you should drink in a day - although some think it's 8 glasses, some think it's more or less, it's really your body and how you react to it. So I'd suggest drinking a lot and seeing how clear your urine becomes. Once it becomes a little too light, you've had too much... hold back and that should be about right.

Drink up!

To water that is!!

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