Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week ONE of Fast Metabolism Diet

This is the final day of my week one on the fast metabolism diet and to say I am stoked is an understatement. 

Finally... A diet I can hang with and not starve and one that works with my desire to plan ahead and stay organized. The only few downsides are: it's a rich man's (or woman's) diet! Going to the fancy super markets section or whole foods (kill me now) is really expensive, but you are encouraged to eat organic, and aren't allowed to eat soy, dairy or wheat so the alternatives are all quite pricey.  I've had to buy stuff I wouldn't normally and have gone ahead and bought a lot more organic than not.  Haylie Pomroy recommends you eat organic for: eggs, dairy, chicken and beef.  That's a lot more than I do now so it's been tough.  

The other thing that's been hard is I can just mindlessly eat... Most of the time that's great, I'm realizing how much I take a bite here or there from cleaning up my kids' plates or giving them a snack or two. But the saddest part so far has been no random hot cocoa or samples at Costco. Devastating I tell you. 

The cooking part has been fun. I've tried to keep it simple, and have even learned a few new recipes.   There are some recipes like the turkey chili in a crockpot and the coconut curry chicken that I definitely will be repeating even after the diet.  Others like tuna with mustard and lemon for lunch - ick, kill me now.  
The other thing is realizing how much protein I actually should be adding to my diet.  Or wanting to eat whenever you want instead of according to the schedule.  Also, I really want a cheesecake for some reason.  Not really much of the other stuff, but I really want a cheesecake.  

The good news is, I was looking through my meal planning for the next week and I actually put 5 weeks on my menu list instead of 4, so I'll be done with the diet a lot faster!  

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