Monday, November 16, 2015

Fast Metabolism Diet: Day 1

I forgot to weigh myself when I woke up but I just did and I'm at....drumroll...

Pounds: 141 (my ideal goal weight is 125-128, that's about what I weighed all through my 20's, but if we're going for HS skinny, it'd be back to 120... lol jk jk)
Waist: 35"
Upper Arm: 11"
Upper Thigh: 21"

So... thus far, three meals in, I am loving this diet.  I am not hungry, or if I am - it's not for long, not more than the normal hunger pains from not having time to eat or waiting until you're home.

For breakfast, I had 1/2 cup of oatmeal with blueberries and some natural sugar sprinkled on top, then I had an apple (but I found out later it was too small, should be about one cup worth of an apple so perhaps that's why I got hungry sooner than later).

For lunch, I had 4 oz of nitrate free turkey meat, one sprouted piece of bread, a cup of cantaloupe, and topped the open faced sandwich with some tomatoes and red onions.

For dinner, I had 1 1/2 cups of turkey chili (with beans, ground turkey, and zucchini).

My snacks were: an apple and two clementines.

Observations:  I normally mindlessly eat small things here and there.  When I'm cleaning up my boys plates from breakfast or lunch, if there's anything leftover small or big, I find myself taking a few bites.  It's a natural reaction from years of enduring my Chinese mother's demands that I eat everything off of my plate.  Did I want to marry a crater face by leaving specks of rice in my bowl?  Growing up, we didn't have the luxury of leaving anything on our plate.  We were conditioned to eat it all.  I also found myself grabbing for things before I had to stop myself and think, oh wait - why am I even trying to eat this?  I had some leftover dark chocolate in the car, and I almost MINDLESSLY ate a bite, was not even hungry!  I wasn't really hungry until right before meal time.  I am so excited about the diet that I'm finding it hard to sleep but still got pretty good rest earlier than normal.  Also, I eat a lot more fruit than the diet permits on a regular basis... which means I'm probably taking in a lot more sugar albeit natural.  I found myself thinking, what... this is all the fruit I get?  I mean, I can literally sit there and eat an entire cantaloupe myself.  So I did have to hold back from eating more fruit.

Overall, day 1 was a success and I'm looking forward to day 2.

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