Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mommy Muffin Top Destruction Begins

I knew boob feeding meant an extra 500 calories.  I ate well, exercised mildly (if that), and quickly lost all my baby weight.  I was left with some jiggle, but it wasn't too bad... easily hidden with clothes not too tight on the waist, flattering dark shades, and jewelry.  And then at 9 months, we began to ween my son.

I went from around 7 feeding a day to 5 and then to 3 and finally I'm at 2.

And I continued to eat roughly the same (I won't lie, I had some moments with Chinese New Year and then Superbowl Sunday!) and my work outs were likewise.

And then....

Out of nowhere, I gained five pounds (two of it might of been gone after I pooped).

Worse than that... the jiggle has magnified into a very noticeable mommy muffin top.

And so it begins today.  I will annihilate you mommy muffin top.  Say good bye to your days on my hip.


Thursday - I went to a latin aerobic class today that was boring.  My mom made me go, I talked with all her friends, noticed I was the youngest girl there by about ten years, and tried my best to remember how to move my hips from my ballroom days (about ten years ago in college).  My left ankle started to throb.  I continued.  I sweated a tiny bit.  I hope all that hip twisting did a number on my muffin top.  Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, and even about one minute of Jive.

I think I'll put on Smash and Switched at Birth while doing some bicycles and toe taps.  And yes, I'll post a before and after photo - I'm just too embarrassed to post a before one now.  To be continued...

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