Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Packing 32 Pounds

I know I'm pregnant and that's why I'm packing 32 pounds - mostly in my belly, some of it distributed to my swollen feet, legs, and bigger chest.... but mostly it's in my belly. So I've been wondering lately, isn't it uncomfortable to have a big belly if you're not pregnant? Isn't it uncomfortable to not visually see your feet when you look down, without bending over because your stomach is in the way? Sometimes, when I sit next to men at work, our bellies are comparable - theirs from years of too much beer, not enough exercise, and mine from a growing baby!

I know I can't do anymore ab exercises on my back (I can do them with an angle, put some pillows behind my back, etc.) but how I miss them.

Here are some of my favorites that I can still do.

Sit on a big bouncy exercise ball. It strengthens your core.

Sit up straight when working. It helps your stomach stay in versus letting it all hang out. The muscles start to train itself to tuck in and reduce the image of a large belly.

Pretend like you're a belly dancer or ballroom dancer or hip hop dancer and move your hips, pump up your legs and twist and shout. It really does work.

Use a hula hoop with weights. Hula much? Just get a hoop - the Asian ones have a padding with weights under it - and hula!

I miss doing ab exercises. The above are the easiest.. there are also far more challenging ones that probably work quicker, alas, for another day though...

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