Sunday, December 19, 2010

Working Out in the Second Trimester

Now that the fatigue has worn off, the nausea has stopped and the migraines have calmed down, I am ready to work out! Except, I forgot the beast of slothfulness that prevents me from actually getting to the point of working out. Such excuses include, but are not limited to, the gym is so dirty, the gym is so far, my armpits are hairy, I've got too much work, dinner takes a long time to make, I'll just go tomorrow, I'll just eat less, or I took the stairs today... isn't that enough? Recently, I have learned a new enemy... the tiny bladder. After working out for no more than 20 minutes, I have to go pee. At this point, that means taking all my stuff with me and then when I'm done, I often think - my heart rate has gone down, should I just leave?

On the other hand, the mighty mighty endorphin kick I get is awesome when I do go to the gym! Yesterday, I only went to the gym for 25 minutes, used the elliptical for that or less, and felt good the whole day. The whole very long day in which we traveled 40 miles at 10 AM to watch a bowl game as the ESPN Zone, then drove 10 minutes to watch a basketball game live, another 40 miles to pick up our car, another 30 miles to go home and dress, 10 miles to my company holiday party and 10 miles home, all through the heavy downpour of rain and congested roads of LA. It was a very terrific but long day and as tired as I was, I am confident my endorphin boost helped!

So onto more gym visits and more inspiration for myself to get my workouts back to 5 days a week!

Here are some helpful tips I have come up with that will help me and YOU get back into workout mode (that crazy insane place where you are just dying to work out everyday cuz it feels sooo good!)

1) Go with a friend (this way you are less likely to bail, whether it means a friend to the gym or a friend over to go through that exercise video you keep meaning to do)
2) Work out in the morning (way more effective than putting it off until the late afternoon or night when everything else seems to be more important, helps you start your day and feel refreshed!)
3) Schedule it! Put it in your calendar so you hold yourself accountable and are able to visually see what you need to accomplish including your work out!
4) Vary your work-outs. I like to do my at home videos like bar method, pilates with a band, my GIAM 4 pound ball and the big exercise ball, but I also like to throw in some days at the gym, some days on my own (dancing or putting together weird core wanna be yoga moves on my own), and of course, once our budget is doing better, maybe some paid for classes with an instructor and other students where I have to make sure I'm not slacking off cuz of the pressure from others around me!
5) Don't treat it as a chore. Working out is fun, but it's not unless you have the attitude that it is fun.

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