Monday, April 6, 2009

Miam to Muffin Tops In My Belly but Nay to Them On My Body!

A muffin top is the top part of a muffin, the part that potrudes from the wrapper, that plumply sits atop a muffin tin and the scrumptious part that melts in your mouth as you tell yourself, only this muffin top will I eat today... only to subsequently scarf the rest of the bottom down in about 5 seconds shortly thereafter.

Miam is a common French expression synonymous with the American expression, "yum!" When eating muffin tops, I declare "miam!" because yummy are they ever! But muffin tops on females, a strange and common new look due to too much on the love handles and too small of a pant size is beyond disgusting.
Do you want to look like this?

So how does one avoid a muffin top?

Here are my recommendations for the day.

1) Avoid excessively easy breakfast foods. This means, the quick and easy Starbucks breakfast item that is sweet, delicious and packed with carbs such as muffins, bagels, pastries, doughnuts, krispy kremes, cheese danishes, chocolate croissants, etc.
2) Work on your obliques.
For a beginner, I'd recommend trying the ballroom dance move where you do an 8 motion with your hips.
For someone more intermediate, lay on your back with your knees up and feet near your rear and come up high enough where your shoulders are off the ground but your backbone is glued to the ground and reach right, then left, repeat again and again.
For the advanced, you can try the pretzel!

To do the move properly, get into the above position. You don't need a ball.. you should actually use your hands to hold yourself up. Tuck your hips - meaning that motion of tilting your hips under, as if to suck in your stomach and lean forward.. that feeling of your hips tucking in is what you want throughout this exercise. ove you back knee far away from the line of your front leg so that it is truly behind you and in the shape of a weird looking human pretzel. Now, you can do an assortment of exercises - including lifting your knee, or pushing it back, or just keeping it up. You will feel this in your obliques almost immediately!

For the lazy, just do the twist so your obliques feel it.... do the twist!!!

4) Try on jeans and make sure they aren't so tight that your muffin top shows. Bigger jeans that fit appropriately will do wonders.

5) Love your body and listen to the 4 rules above and avoid muffin top!!

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