Monday, August 22, 2011

Update on Losing the Baby Weight!

Jordan is almost 4 months and I am about 8 more pounds to my pre-pregnancy weight. Let me begin by saying, it is hard! Although my efforts have been little to non-existent, the joy of no longer having to wear my pregnancy jeans was quite apparent and well celebrated. Thouhg I'd like to continue towards my skinny clothes, between boob feeding, cooking and cleaning, there seems never a moment for a good endorphin kick.

To date, I have gone to the gym a whopping six times.

1st Visit - Took a bosu class that made me regret returning to the gym, wishing I had a badge that said "I just had a baby" as I struggled to keep up and fought for more air, water and my towel.
2nd Visit - Missed the aerobics class and walked for 20, ran for 10 on the treadmill and felt it for three days after. I think it had been about a year since I ran last.
3rd Visit - Tried a Zumba class that had me in pain 10 minutes into the class, felt this one for two days after but kinda liked the change of pace and short spurts of dance style and songs.
4th Visit - Took a weird sword fighting Brazilian wanna-be class, we used wooden Korean swords that were supposed to have certain "elements" to help us achieve our work out goals. The instructor bugged me since she kept reminding us rejects that her class was normally way harder and she was giving us a huge break. Bite me. Then her cooldown was a bunch of mumbo jumbo meditation junk. We lay there doing nothing with our eyes closed. Interesting to say the least.
5th Visit - A throwback to the 70's jazz-ercise dance class that had me mortified but still pumping the cardio elements! Not sure if I burned any calories, but was heaving and ho-ing quite a bit afterwards.
6th Visit - Jammed to Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Bon Jovi on the elliptical because I figured it'd be easier on my knees which hurt for three days after I last ran. Felt good but Jordan spit up on my shirt before I left so I sported some armpit hair and a tank top. Hopefully nobody saw. Felt daring.

This has also been over the last six weeks as my gym frequency is at most, once a week. Hopefully, I can get my butt in gear and get there more than once a week!

My baby just woke up from his nap... perfect timing!

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