Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Thoughts That Go Through My Head

Today, I took a cardio kickboxing class and my instructor's style was that of Billy Blanks from Tae-Bo (he trained with him). It was a very excruciating sixty minutes of a work-out and here are the thoughts that went through my head throughout the class:

Oh no, I'm going to get a wedgie and have to pick it.

Why do the windows have to be so big and open for everyone outside to see what we're doing?

I like that girl's shirt - I wonder where she got it.

Lululemon. Duh.

Is it just me or did that mother and daughter combo smell of heavy perfume. Wait a minute, their hair looks perfect and their faces have a lot of make-up on 'em. Maybe they went to brunch first.

Man I'm thirsty.

Only 15 minutes so far?

Ugh, I need new work-out shoes.

I have a wedgie again.

I like his music!

I'm dying.

I miss my son.

Will my body ever be the same?

These mirrors make me look skinnier than I am.

Darn wedgie.

Is he serious?

Funny, I never thought I'd be one of those girls who wears their rings to the gym, but here I am.

Man, I need a drink.

As you can see, I am ADD when it comes to working out.

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