Friday, January 14, 2011

Endorphins Really Are Uplifting!

I've been more consistent with my workouts and boy, can I feel the difference. I'm more upbeat, energetic, and I can't wait for the next endorphin pumping session. I've been able to make time for working out by leaving work at 5 PM for the past two days (miracle in itself!) which gives me a decent half hour and still time to make dinner and enjoy it with the husband.

It really does take a push to get into the initial mode of things. At first, exercise is bleh. I didn't really exercise via gym until post college (growing up, there was always the dance team and classes and then in college, there was the ballroom dance team).

On another note, I've decided to review all my ballroom knowledge. Having actually gotten to gold level in standard and silver in latin, I know enough to teach friends the basics so I should ensure I have the information to share. It's all about sharing and collaborating and though I can do it myself, it seems useless if I can't share. Maybe I can even get a gig teaching at Arthur Murray?

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