Thursday, November 4, 2010

Skincare is a Must

Ever seen a skinny girl with nasty skin? Gross.

Basics of skincare:

1) Wash your face (pat it dry with a clean towel or tissue paper that won't leak leftovers onto your face)
2) Use toner (feels good, rids any excess dirt not removed from your wash and makes the skin all one color)
3) Use moisturizer (more moist your skin is, the more OOMF it has and the younger it looks...dry skin = old skin)
4) If you're going into the office, SPF 15, if you're out in the sun, SPF 25 and don't forget to reapply, if you're going to the beach, the tan only looks nice now missy.. in 10 years, you'll be sorry... lather on the SPF like the Asian mommas and just use bronzer to get the desired tan.
5) Drink lots of water (like lots and lots and lots)

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