Thursday, August 19, 2010

Say Yes to Healthy Substitutions

I love it when magazines and the morning news compares food items and shows me that if I eat smart, I can eat a lot more than if I eat dumb.

For example... eat a slice of veggie pizza, a small salad, a cookie and a drink for about the same amount of calories and fat as a slice of sausage pepperoni pizza. But what if I simply like the sausage pepperoni pizza more?

So today, I am here to encourage you to eat what you want but eat it smart and seek healthy substitutions.

You like sausage pepperoni pizza more? Then go with turkey sausage, or wheat dough. Substitutions are key and help you maintain a lower caloric intake while gaining the same satisfaction had you eaten the sausage and pepperoni pizza. Still don't like the way it tastes? Well, it taste much better to be skinny than fat. It tastes much better than buying new clothes because your big butt won't fit into the jeans you use to wear before your metabolism slowed down!

Substitution is key!

Say no to fried chicken, croutons and heavy creamy dressings on your salads and yes to grilled chicken, vinaigrette, and fruit atop your salads! Say no to heavy food items and opt for the lighter side.... for example no to heavy fruit cake but yes to airy sponge cake! You can also substitute your vegetable oil for EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or your regular sugar in baking to Splenda sugar. Every little bit helps!

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