Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Cannot WAIT to Organize Our Fridge!!!

I've never had my own fridge to organize ... aside from the college dorm mini-fridge not capable of storing much.

I read once in a Shape magazine article that not only is it important to keep your fridge organized, but to consider the foods you put together to maximize their shelf life.

When I lived with a roommate, we kinda had our own areas but it was always difficult to establish any sort of organizational method since we had about two of everything. So I can't WAIT to get a fridge with my future hubby and organize away!

Condiments (ketchup, tapatio, tabasco, A1, salad dressing) on the door shelves.
Fruits closer to the back and top (colder part of the fridge)
Vegetables in the crisper drawers and if you have two, one for the uncooked meat. (you should also clean this drawer often since it's for raw meat!)
Cooked items should go towards the top (leftovers, etc.) while raw ingredients are better at the bottom (in case gross stuff drips from uncooked whereas uncooked stuff with leftover droppings will be cooked and not contaminated).
Cheese and butter also in the side flappy thing, and hopefully lots of good tupperware to keep fresh cut fruit and veggies available for snacking. Oh.. and no more juice - we'll go concentrate cuz we'll be a young married couple and probably a Brita filter. Exciting!!!

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