Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Being Skinny is Not Temporary ... It's a Way of Life

Get off your fat butt and get to the gym!

Endorphins feel good. Eating well gives you energy. Staying active keeps you alive longer. Protein and fiber are good for you and fat in moderation is also great.

The purpose of this blog is to remind all the skinny girls who never had to worry about working out or eating right (because metabolism was on our side and we were young and never gained weight from ANYTHING) who are a bit older now, have had their metabolism slowed down a bit, aren't active because of sitting on your backsides 12+ hour days and just want to feel beautiful again (we know it all works from the inside out but if the outside is crap, your inside feels like crap).

Trust me.. I gained about 20 pounds - nobody noticed because I'm tall .. except for my mother who immediately noticed and wouldn't stop nagging me about it. Thanks mum.

Today's Lesson:
25 grams of fiber. That's how much fiber you should be taking in a day. Fiber keeps you regular (you shit out whatever you put in your body) because it is easier to process than all the other crap you put in your body. Check it out - see how much you take in. Typically, strive to poop two times a day! Ewww.. that's gross man.. yeah, but it's a reality. What goes in.. must come out. And to make matters worse..most people don't even crap once a day! CRAP! Think about it.. we can discuss in person if you wish.

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