Saturday, April 5, 2014

Back in Shape . ... All Before 32: The Skinny Cow Challenge

I turn 32 mid May... so I've decided to dedicate the days leading up to the big 3-2 to get back into pre-wedding shape aka before first baby and back onto the road of healthy living.  I never got back to that, have slowly regressed into eating less fruits and vegetables because of the effort it takes to do so... and have eaten a lot of pasta and dessert lately!  But now is as good of a time to try as ever, especially since we will probably start trying for baby #3 this summer.

So here I go!  I have decided to journal everything I eat, my exercise regiment, and my measurements including any random rules I might have.  Here are three for starters.

1) No carbs after 4 PM except for 2)
2) Only ice cream or fruit for desserts at night - ice cream sandwiches are an exception and fall into this fake category I've made up
3) Even if there's no time to work out, must do ab work and arm work for 20 minutes total.

Right now I am 133.5 pounds, my waist is at 34.5 inches and I am a size 6 because of my flat rear.  Let's see if I can drop down to 128, 28 inches and size 4.

Here we go!!!

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