Thursday, August 26, 2010

Remember When Bagels Were "In"?

Bagels used to be a huge craze! Everywhere you went, bagels were "in," and you couldn't escape the trends of bagels! Bagel for breakfast, bagel sandwich, bagel for dinner, bagel for a late night snack.... Goldstein's, Western Bagel and Noah's Bagels were among the famous nearby bagel stores we frequented often and in our home, bagel breakfasts were an exciting day! We had Sara Lee, Thomas Muffin and even bagels from Ralph's. Cream cheese came in regular, whipped, strawberry, salmon, garden, jalapeno, etc.

And then, I found out how bad bagels actually were for you. In essence, it was as if someone took a loaf of bread, crushed and compacted it into a bagel, and then said, add some cream cheese for more fat. But man, how delicious they were!

So recently, when I found a smaller bagel, advertised as "toast size," I was excited! The bagels were only 160 calories (normally half of a normal sized bagel get you to around 180 calories) so I grabbed that, some low fat whipped cream cheese, and wa-la, I have been eating bagels for breakfast almost everyday! YUM!

Part of eating right is portion control, so I'm grateful for the smaller bagels... because in the past, even though a half of a bagel filled me up, sitting there, I would feel the other half taunting me to just eat it! And then... after eating it, I'd feel remorseful and too full. For people like me who are unable to just put it aside, it's important to just get it in the right size in the beginning.

Yay for bagels!

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